For for Purpose?

The power to prevail for a reason, not a season

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What’s the point of running a tight ship if you can’t run up the stairs? Why bother hitting KPIs if you’re too tired to hit the gym? How can you chase bonuses when you can’t chase your kids?

Scarily, 3 out of 4 Australians will be obese by 2025 despite our obsession with weight loss, a growing number of healthy options and greater purchasing power for fitness. Why? Because as humans we’re inherently programmed to look for the easiest way out. We elicit resistance in pursuits that don’t provide immediate gratification in favour of long-term growth, health or integrity. It’s time to stop the rot.

Fit for Purpose is Greg using his Nike trainer status and 25-year history in the health and fitness industry to set the record straight. His sole mission is to produce corporate workers and consumers who are fit for purpose – less stressed, more energetic and living healthier lifestyles.

Fed up with the media-led myths and misconceptions, tired of programs feeding false promises to an unsuspecting consumer, Greg provides simple tweaks that make a massive difference to wellbeing and by proxy, individual and collective performance and productivity.

Greg outlines simple ‘health hacks’ to evaluate fit for purpose status. Recognise where you are and where you need to be to buck disturbing future trends and lay foundations for increased wellbeing.


This keynote presentation will help develop:


  • awareness, making better health choices
  • knowledge, on what works and what doesn’t
  • productivity, improving focus and clarity
  • energy levels, working and playing smarter
  • community, transforming attitudes and culture

Greg was the closing keynote presenter at our recent Jim’s Fencing Australia & NZ conference. He was fantastic to work with as it was always going to be challenging keeping a room full of fencing contractors engaged on a Sunday morning, however Greg rose to the challenge and brought a jolt of energy into the room. The feedback was that Greg’s presentation was inspiring on both a personal and business level, and that delegates were left thinking about key points well after the conference had finished.

Catherine Hayes

Divisional Manager, Jim’s Fencing Australia & NZ

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