Hack the
Status Quo

The vital shock to kill complacency and slash indifference

Mindset | Motivation | Momentum

Hack the Status Quo is about doing something – now.

If you or your team are complacent, blindly hoping for change to magically transpire, Greg’s keynote on hacking the status quo dropkicks the inanimate and the indifferent.

Defined as ‘the existing state of affairs’, the status quo is the root of evil. In business and life, with the pace of change pummelling us from every direction, if you’re not moving forwards, you’re not just stagnant, you’re actually moving backwards.

Whether they know it or not, businesses are playing it safe. Everyone is covering their own ass to avoid potential ‘failure’, doing nothing in the process. They’re clinging onto their current cash cows, assuming everything is going to be the same for them in the future, which is both dangerous and ridiculous. Hacking the status quo blasts the idea that what got us to this point is going to keep us in our OK-space in the future.

Greg speaks to ‘The 3 Ms’ – Mindset, Motivation and Momentum. From his 25 years in the health and fitness industry, Greg has heard every excuse there is. He understands the factors that suck the life force from companies, preventing action and strangling competitive edges.

This keynote presentation will help develop:

  • performance, replacing words with action
  • mindsets, boosting effort with growth mindsets
  • confidence, minimising the fear of failure
  • honesty, improving communication at all levels
  • enjoyment, reminding people why they’re in the game

Greg Sellar is a world-class speaker, coach, lifestyle and fitness expert. I have had the opportunity to work with Greg in numerous capacities over the past 15 years, and he is truly in a league of his own. He has exceptional skills and character, and his courses, presentations and content always deliver.

Jay Blahnik

Director Health & Fitness Technologies, Apple Inc.

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