Mental Mojo

Directing our unique ‘cray-cray’ to expand possibilities and inflict success

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We’ve lost our mental mojo, living in a world where one in three of us hate our work, 35% of us are fear failure and 4/5 of us loathe our bodies. Unless you live in Switzerland or Denmark, all of us think some part of our lives suck, affecting the way we work, live and how we think about our lives and those who interact with it. Tim Burton once said, “One person’s insanity is another person’s reality”. Most of us accept the irrational and emotionally charged thoughts that dominate our mindsets as ‘normal’ or the ‘truth’. They’re not. The truth is, we’re all a little bit crazy. Usually we can keep it under control, but sometimes it feels as though we’re one mental slap away from flipping out. As a leader, manager, partner or parent, your mental mojo affects how you’re showing up. It affects how your ‘sanity ecosystem’ functions – how you communicate with others, deal with your own morality tests, and treat yourself when the proverbial hits the fan. What happens when the scales tip in the wrong direction? How can we flip the switch to stop the slump into fatigue, anxiety and depression? Greg blueprints recapturing our mental mojo via his ‘Sad to Glad’ journey, providing a blueprint in reframing negative head trash and executing.

This keynote presentation will help develop:

  • commitment, enforcing personal breakthroughs
  • innovation, freeing individuals to thrive
  • teamwork, correcting workplace culture
  • awareness, crafting positive action
  • communication, empowering constructive conversation

Greg is our go-to for mindset and performance presenting and writing for the brands and clients I represent. He has a clear grasp of the target demographic and continuously gets great feedback on TV and radio. His training and coaching experience brings a straight-talking style that resonates with the press. Our experience has always been nothing but 100% positive in working with Greg and we can’t rate him, his methods, or his standards highly enough.

Michael Steel

Brand & Talent Management Director

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