Perma-nent Workplaces

There’s so much ‘happiness’ going around – workplace programs to make people happier, events on happiness and its causes, books on happiness advantages and doctors in happiness. Taking Martin Seligman’s ‘PERMA’ solution to flourishing, Greg explores why having happiness in your life or at work is only part of the bigger picture. You can be happy being a bully to your co-worker, or feel happy ruling with an iron fist, making the lives of those around you miserable.

PERMA explains how you will only have workplace harmony if you have positive emotions and engagement in what you’re doing, healthy relationships with those you come into contact with, meaning in your actions and a sense of accomplishment in your life.

Let’s get some awareness of others back into the workplace and a sense of balance between business and pleasure. If you can nail that, you’ll have a workplace that people will love turning up to.

I highly recommend Greg as an expert in performance and mindset coaching. I have worked with Greg on a number of projects, having co-facilitated in delivering team programs. His professionalism in preparation and delivery is outstanding. Greg’s style of delivery encourages people to be their best, keeping things ‘real’ for you and approaching situations in a way that entices creativity. He takes time to ensure people are engaged in who they want to be.

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Leadership Development Trainer, Facilitator and PCC-accredited Coach