Shut Up and Say What You Mean

Workplace waffle and weasal words have become the new norm – we have a communication problem. Ninety-five percent of employees are willing to admit they habitually lie in the workplace – we have an honesty problem.

Daily we operate in cultures where flaky feedback, laughable buzzwords and senseless slogans dominate corporate-speak. In the name of ‘professionalism’, employees are happy to throw each other under the bus, fudge truths or chronically avoid in order to protect their jobs and reputations.

If you want better management relations, improved feedback strategies and greater honesty amongst employees, understand why it’s good to be different, but how those differences needs to find common ground for a workplace that works. Understand communication and learning styles, how they interact and learn to recognise these same styles in your fellow colleagues.

Length: 1 day (variable length options available)
Delivery: live training