Stress: Tackling
the Time Bomb

Stress is the basic cause for 60% of human disease and most of us are stressed, even if we don’t know it. In Australia, three in ten workers admit to having high levels of distress with deadlines, upcoming events, family responsibilities and bills to contend with. Modern life is so full of pressures and overly complex, it’s a wonder we’re not all crumpled in a corner crying.

Employees are absent on average 3.2 days a year due to stress, resulting in $14.7 billion lost to the Australian economy. How much is it currently costing your company? Even when workers are showing up, are the rocking their A-game? Probably not. These are phenomenal figures and unfortunately, only a select few have access to strategies and effective treatments.

Greg addresses the body’s ‘fight or flight’ mode responsible for stress and how we can alleviate stress in the workplace and at home. With strategies ranging from mindfulness to prioritising, understand methods proven to decrease stress for greater productivity, performance and possibility.

Program length: ½ day (variable length options available)
Delivery: live training

A BIG thank you to Greg and his incredible coaching skills for totally transforming my team’s headspace and performance skill in the lead up to a series of live shows we undertook in collaboration with 2DayFM. You took us from a group of passionate trainers, to a team of polished enter-trainers and sharp business women, and I am so incredibly grateful. We learnt so much throughout the series of talks, workshops and feedback sessions we booked with you and are so grateful for the confidence we built together. Thanks again!

Libby Babet

Trainer, Channel 10’s Biggest Loser and BUF Girls Owner